Highlights of 2017

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Matt WakefieldMatt Wakefield is the Director of Information, Communication and Cyber Security (ICCS) at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His responsibilities include furthering the development of a modernized grid with a strong focus on leveraging emerging information, communication and cyber security technologies that can be applied to the electric grid infrastructure. The research focus is on enabling advanced applications through standards, communication technology, integration architectures, cost-benefit analysis and addressing cyber threats to an interconnected system as well as practical demonstrations including the Smart Grid Demonstration initiative integrating DER, Transmission and Distribution Data Analytics, Telecommunications and similar projects. He is the
facilitator for the EPRI ICCS Executive Committee – to gain insights and strategic input from CIO’s and senior leaders in the IT and Security domains of the electric power industry.

Wakefield started his career in 1986 in the United States Navy serving as a Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Operator
and Engineering Supervisor in the Submarine Fleet and specializing in electronic instrumentation and controls.

Wakefield then joined Wisconsin Public Service Corp. (WPS) at the Kewaunee Nuclear Plant before becoming
Manager of the Applied Technology group at Integrys Energy, the holding company of WPS. At Integrys, he
focused on developing and applying information and communication technologies related to low-cost, real-time energy-related information transfer between control centers, generators, markets, and consumers utilizing open-source software and low-cost embedded hardware while leveraging the Internet for the communication infrastructure.
Wakefield received his Bachelor of Science degree in technology management from the University of Maryland University College.