Highlights of 2017

2000+ Participants | 50+ Utilities | 206 Speakers | 51 Countries | 200+ International Delegates | 40+ Exhibitors | 400+ Organizational Participants | 40+ Supporting Partners | 50+ Media Participants | 64 Technical Papers

Marc DelandreMarc Delandre is currently Director of the ENEDIS Metering Division, and General Secretary of the G3-PLC Alliance.

He started his career at EDF R&D in 1982, and notably contributed to the management of projects, in the field of energy conservation. He then joined the EDF Commercial Division and in 1998 he was appointed head of the Lyon area. From 2000 as Commerce Regional Director in Poitiers and then in Paris, he participated to the opening of the electricity and gas markets. In 2007, he became Director of a subsidiary dedicated to the development of renewable energy (photovoltaic, heat pumps). In 2010, he joined the Strategy and Project Division of ENEDIS where he had the responsibility of Smart Grids Services Projects. In 2014, he was appointed Director of the Metering Division. He is a graduated Engineer from Supelec.

• ENEDIS manages 95% of the electricity distribution network in France mainland
• 35 million customers
• 1,3 million km of electrical network
• 13,6 € billion turnover
• http://www.enedis.fr/english

G3-PLC Alliance:
• The G3-PLC Alliance develops and promotes the G3-PLC technology worldwide, for any smart grid application
• 90 members: utilities, products manufacturers, IT companies, labs…
• http://www.g3-plc.com/