Highlights of 2017

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Kaliyur Sridharan

Kaliyur Sridharan

A senior industry professional with deep insights to strategically plan, direct to convert companies products & services portfolio into rapid commercialization for global adoption in the area of Utility and Industrial Automation segment.

Growth initiatives leader in the T&D industry with 35+ years of Protection, Control and Automation experience.Responsible for creation of new customers & markets for Grid Automation business. Work across global teams with a focus on strategic growth objectives.

Led due diligence/integration/commercialization of several M&A’s. Business work stream lead for the Alstom integration planning, GE’s largest industrial acquisition. Technology & commercial experience in Utility and Industrial segments gained through working for large global companies such as GE, ABB, Alstom.
Registered Professional Engineer & experienced ombudsman for regulatory compliance of established policies.