Highlights of 2017

2000+ Participants | 50+ Utilities | 206 Speakers | 51 Countries | 200+ International Delegates | 40+ Exhibitors | 400+ Organizational Participants | 40+ Supporting Partners | 50+ Media Participants | 64 Technical Papers

Ian Rodgers Ian is a highly qualified and experienced Civil Engineer specialising in water distribution networks, metering, unaccounted-for-water and the identification of network improvements. Ian joined Xylem in 2017 and is the Business Development Manager for Sensus, Visenti and Pure Technologies in the Middle East, Africa and India. Ian’s previous experience has involved the monitoring, diagnosis and rehabilitation of water distribution networks for large cities, Government water utilities and private operators and thus understands the issues faced by utility operators. Ian has led all phases of water supply projects, from pre-feasibility, tendering process, supervision, financial control, execution, operational procedures, report writing and management.
Ian has most notably delivered projects related to:
• Non-Revenue-Water assessment, customer metering study in Jaipur
• Construction of GIS, Non-Revenue-Water assessment, pilot DMA in Kolkata
• Technical advice on all aspects relating to water services in Jamshedpur
Ian holds a Masters qualification in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Liverpool.