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Girish Ghatikar

Girish Ghatikar

Girish Ghatikar is a smart grid, and clean energy and clean transportation technology innovator. Over the years, Ghatikar has successfully led technology development for electric grid transactions and automated demand response, early-stage analysis for electric vehicle grid integration, and enabled California to adopt dynamic pricing programs and mandatory grid automation in building codes.

As the former Deputy Leader at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Rish has led research on technologies and open standards for grid integration and is the chief-architect for a globally adopted DR communications standard, Open Automated DR or OpenADR, including the establishment of the OpenADR Alliance to bring laboratory technology to the marketplace and the Demand to Grid (D2G) Lab for Smart Grid technology demonstration and education. He was also the U.S. Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator for the U.S.-India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD), a $12.5M publicly funded joint consortia. At Greenlots, as the former Chief Research Officer, Ghatikar led the emerging technology development and applications of electric vehicle-grid integration and battery storage-integrated distributed energy resource systems.

Girish Ghatikar’s work has appeared in over 75 publications and he is regularly asked to speak at events and conduct training related to clean transportation and clean energy. Ghatikar holds Masters degrees in Telecommunication Systems, Computer Technologies, and Infrastructure Planning.
In India, Ghatikar provides strategic advice to advance clean energy and transportation goals, and Chairs a working group to advance distributed energy resources and energy efficiency, to advance electric grid modernization and integration requirements.