Highlights of 2017

2000+ Participants | 50+ Utilities | 206 Speakers | 51 Countries | 200+ International Delegates | 40+ Exhibitors | 400+ Organizational Participants | 40+ Supporting Partners | 50+ Media Participants | 64 Technical Papers

Bernard LassusBernard Lassus is a graduate Engineer of “Ecole Centrale de Lille”. He started his career within EDF group in the late 70’s, in the Nuclear Engineering Field (Building, starting and operating nuclear power plants. EDF operates 58 Nuclear units in France mainland). He became in 1997 Director of the Vitry Thermal Power Plant.
In 2004, he was appointed Director in charge of the mass market opening project. (Since July 2007, the French electricity market is fully deregulated).
From 2007 to 2010, he was Enedis Deputy General Manager, head of Human Resources and communication. Then, in 2010, he joined EDF France as EDF VP in charge of Human Resources.
Since 2014, Bernard Lassus is, within Enedis, Director of the LINKY Smart Metering Program. He is also President of the G3-PLC Alliance.

• ENEDIS manages 95% of the electricity distribution network in France mainland
• 35 million customers
• 1,3 million km of electrical network
• 13,6 € billion turnover
• http://www.enedis.fr/english

G3-PLC Alliance:
• The G3-PLC Alliance develops and promotes the G3-PLC technology worldwide, for any smart grid application
• 80 members: utilities, products manufacturers, IT companies, labs…
• http://www.g3-plc.com/